Helena Pipe plays Neyssa and she is absolutely Incredible. She has just the right mixture of attitude and vulnerability, passive aggressiveness, and poignant emotion, that the audience becomes immediately hooked and invested in uncovering the truth of her journey. Pipe performs this emotionally ravaged character as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do and there was not a bit of acting involved. She makes this production soar.

Write her name down folks: Helena Pipe; You won’t forget it.”
Though everyone in the play did a good job, Pipe stole the show. She was a joy to watch. With great stage presence and a true grasp of who her character was, she seemed to know exactly what she was meant to convey. She elicited both laughter and pauses from the audience and truly captured the essence of Mrs.Smith.”
— DalGazette
Neyssa, portrayed with honesty, humor, and depth by Bermudian actor Helena Pipe.”
— The Chronicle Herald
Slaney and Pipe are excellent, switching Thelma and Louise-style victim to aggressor..”
— The Coast
And then, there’s Helena Pipe, who is a rock star playing sister Chantelle. Bursting with attitude and huge powerhouse production numbers which gives an emotionally bleak story a well-needed burst of humuor. Pipe got a hearty round of applause on all her exits; this girl is going places.”