Strong Woman.

Strong Woman.  Strong Black Woman.

Strong, I refuse to give up because it’s bigger than me type woman. The kind of Woman  who walks upright in her insecurities because her purpose is her passion, that’s the fuel to her fire kind of Woman . 

You inspire me Woman . The way you take care of your child Black Woman . despite not having the relationship God said, kind of Woman . Keep wearing that crown, Strong Woman , God’s sending him in due time Black Woman. 

Beauty personified type Woman , curves and a beautiful mind type Woman. Stands strong in Gods design type Woman. Keep shedding your light Black Women, you got so much to share and to thrive Strong Woman. 

Strength that goes over my mind Strong  Woman. Sickness has not been so kind Black Woman. But that never took over your mind Strong Woman. You press when your body tries to deny Strong Woman. And For that we treasure your time Black Woman. 

Been abused but you still seek to dive Black Woman, into oceans that try to take your life Strong Woman. Keep going you’re going to survive Black Woman, can’t say “me too” but that melody won’t define Black Woman, your purpose and His timing combined Strong Woman. 

Daddy gone, broken heart and we know that it hurts Strong Woman. You inspire because we know that it hurts Black Woman. Your independence, your drive and that smile Black Woman, keep going, keep knowing your worth Strong Woman. Beautiful, inside and out  Strong Woman. go get what you deserve it’s yours Black Woman. 

You. You’re so special it blows my mind Black Woman. You’ve set examples and you lead the pack, Black woman. Seen death and it don’t hold you back  Strong Woman. Got your king and you deserve all of that, Black Woman. Keep going we all got your back Strong Woman, and daddy said “I love you” back Black Woman.  

You carry more than we really understand Black Woman. reserved, “I can handle it don’t ever doubt that” type Woman. We respect it and we let you do that, Black Woman. Just know you are loved and no matter the attack Strong Woman, you got a tribe to hold you intact Black Woman.  

Yea they slandered your name Black Woman.  tried to shame you in vain Strong Woman. You got up kept proclaiming His name Black Woman. You are beauty inspite of the pain Black Woman, you’ll never be what they proclaim Strong Woman. Open your arms the blessings are right on their way Black Woman. King of Kings Lords of Lords you know His name Strong Woman. We see you worship and it’s not been in vain Black Woman.

You see.  

Different and somewhat the same Black Women, our stories bring purpose through shame Strong Women. This about us, so remember our names, “Strong Women.” Life is purpose through pain, smiles through the shame, rising from tragedy, not fitting the mold but doing it anyway, man look how far we done came, and yea this might seem cliche but I’m gon say it anyway.. Happy International Woman’s day Black Woman, Strong Woman, Our Woman, you are loved Black Woman, wa.kanda Woman?

Our Woman, The Woman, All Woman, Black Woman, Strong Woman. Strong Woman. Strong Woman. 

-By Helena Pipe