The answer is FAITH!

I know, it's been forever since I've last posted. I do apologize, but my time in the secret place has been so sacred that I haven't wanted to leave it. I want this blog to be Spirit lead, so if God doesn't confirm it then I'm not writing it! His timing is the best so, here we go..

On the journey I'm learning that God will often times remove you from the things of this world to download His strategies for your life. Things that one might miss if they decided to stay present in life and not in Him. Once He downloads His lessons, walks to the store, introductions to new people, missing the train, or even losing something precious no longer boils down to "that's life" no, every single moment is a part of Gods great syllabus. 

Gods lesson to me has been FAITH! Yea I know, nothing shocking, but life changing nonetheless. You see I've come to the conclusion that the answer to EVERYTHING is faith! No I mean, EVERYTHING! It sounds so simple, and the expected rhetoric from a believer, but man once you get it I promise it will change everything!


I've lived the past 16 years of my life suffering with anxiety, but because of faith it hasn't made an appearance in months. The thought of walking into unknown territory would make me unwell but since faith has taken over I've walked into churches, meetings, dinners in complete boldness and freedom! 

You see with faith you learn to say yes more than you say no, because the understanding that you serve a God free from limits is enough to move any mountain. The revelation that He can do ANYTHING is hard to grasp but crucial to a successful faith filled walk! Ok here's a few more examples:

I told God that I want to reap the harvest, and that I trusted that He could do it, since then.. 

Faith has got me a full page article in the royal gazette. 

Faith has brought me to a church here in the U.K. that ignites the desire to seek His word, I mean I want to know the Bible inside out!  (Shout out to Word of Grace Ministries!) 

Faith has people sowing seeds in my life when I least expect it!  

And Faith has found me an agent! That's right your girl is now represented! With one of the top 30 agents in the country; Contract signed, no audition needed,just a look at my resume and a belief in my talent! Only God!


Faith without works is dead family, I know because I was perishing in a faithless walk. I desired to be like Noah but had an attitude of Jonah.

So today I vow never to question God or His abilities again, if it's His will it will be done! I believe that with every fiber of my being! I trust Him with my life, no strings attached!

 "Faith is tied to emotion, if you have faith then you should be happy."- Karl Lokko 

"For all Gods promises are "Yes" in Him. And so through Him we can say "Amen" to the glory of God."- 2 Corinthians 1:20 (International Standard Version)