Why Not You?


That's all I've been saying for the last week. I'm struggling to formulate words and sentences I just don't understand why God is blessing me!

If I could put the anxiety I feel into words it would look something like this: bx akmb cshb sbkBX CSB SH SJB CSNACAB CSJB DS DHBALNC DJBDC. Ok, not quite words but completely nonsensical which is exactly the point I'm trying to make.

Why is it that we ask God to bless us and then sabotage the blessing once it manifests? When we pray are we truly expecting God to provide? Are we aware of the power that our God possesses ? Do we trust Him, I mean REALLY trust Him?

"You of Little Faith, why are you so afraid?"- Matthew 8:26

If I believe and profess that God is my Way Maker, Provider, Source, and Supplier then why do I question His abilities to supply my every need. Why do I shut down at the thought of people wanting to seed into my life? Why do I cringe at the idea of people coming together to support me,without me giving anything in return?

God Just explain, WHY ME?


I have called you worthy and will bring you before great men! People will love and support you, embrace it! You have been obedient in the toughest of times. You have not been perfect but you have been faithful. You chose life when the enemy wanted you to choose death. You have been a light in dark places, you have sown seeds in good soil. I will give you the desires of your heart because you belong to me. I can trust you, now I ask you to trust me.

You're Worthy!

I love you,

-God. "


The Journey Potluck! February 17th at New Creation Worship Centre Bermuda! (The Old Berkley) 4pm-7pm!

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