Musical Escape

From disappointments, loneliness, pre-audition jitters, or a simple need to release a praise, gospel music has been my outlet. 

Honestly, there are days when I’m just not feeling it and I’m not sure how I’m going to reach my goals but with gospel music I’m reminded of who I am, what I’m capable of and how my Heavenly Father has it all under control.  

I’m sure my neighbors and my sister (sorry sis) are tired of me blasting my music at ridiculous levels, but I can’t help it. In the secret place, when God told me to “be still” I worshiped like never before. My worship while alone has altered my worship in church; I’m shameless, I know what He deserves and I refuse to let anything prohibit me from exalting Him. 

I believe that the things I want to see manifest in my life will transcend through my worship and even if the doors don’t open in the way I expect I will continue to give Him the praise and worship that He deserves.

Check out the video below to check out some of songs that  have helped get through my rough patch. I have sooo many more songs so look out for a part II.

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I love you family, continue to trust your journey!