Be Still


Hey Family,

When I think about the last 30 days (more like 60) I cant seem to formulate a complete blog to sum it all up in entirety. There have been many single lessons that I will elaborate on in upcoming blog posts, but to sum up this journey of solitude in a concrete post is unattainable for me, so instead I've written my thoughts, not structured but just as I experienced them.

Within my time alone God reminded me of my gifting's and challenged me to create my own work, depicting my thoughts and finding the truth through acting. Below you will find the visual video that translates this post.                                                    I pray that this resonates.

Much Love,



               Be Still                                 

Removing yourself from the consumption of thoughts and feelings that hinder your free thinking mind.                                    

Thoughts not expressed but not destined to land in your heart, just to by pass it.                            Allowing God to speak freely through your heart and mind, free from distractions of the outside world.     

Seeking His true intention for your walk, finding out the root of your destiny, the root of His destiny.           

Free from the pressures of society, free from the gluttonous intake of the media we deem social.

Silence, silence that pierces the depth of the pain you'd rather escape.                                         Sitting in the pain of the plague, not moving until the Lord, Your King restores.                      

Seeking the word for three days, wiping tears for five.

Making decisions count, counting the decisions. 

Extrovert on Saturdays, Introvert on Sundays, bound to the bed on Mondays, Feeling His presence seven days a week.                                                    I almost gave up, His presence wasn't enough, the failures started to build up.  

                                                        Be Still and know that He is God, Be still and know you're safe in your thoughts.                         Restoration.                                             Restores the tears into joy, secures the insecurities. 

A cleansing, A washing, A baptism. 

Fearful you may be, fearful I was, Fear turned into faith, Faith turned into strength.                       Strength from the Father.


Allowing yourself to fall, but trusting that God alone will catch you.                                                      He caught me.

I'm breathing, fresh breath.           

Imperfect, perfected by His Grace, not a complete work, completely working in Him.

I'm new, 5:17 thoughts.

I'm present. Prayers are more than words, conversations are more than awkward syllables.

In the moment, seeking inspiration, finding Him in everything, everywhere. Decisions altered with Him in mind, understood by Him.

He, King. Father, Daddy.                                                   I'm Still


He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." PSALM 46:10